40 Days of Lenten Discipleship

A lot can happen in 40 days. This Lent, we’ll explore stories that reveal the transformation that is possible during the biblical “40 days and 40 nights.” What might God be longing to renew in your heart alongside Jesus this season?

The season of Lent begins March 2 and continues until April 16.

Ash Wednesday Service

March 2, 2022

Ash Wednesday is the holy day that begins the season of Lent and our journey with Jesus to the cross. God beckons us to turn towards God, remembering our most basic identity that we are created by and loved by God. 

We offer two opportunities to mark this remembrance. Both will be held in the Forest Hills UMC sanctuary and livestreamed on Facebook or on this page. 

Our brief afternoon service will be from 12:15 – 12:45 in the sanctuary and will include an imposition of ashes. At 6:30 we will gather for an hour-long worship service which will include imposition of ashes and an opportunity for children to experience a contemplative practice in their own space.

The Fullness of Time

Our journey this Lent begins with the parable of the sower and the soils (Luke 8). The parable contains good news for us all: God has already sown seeds of life within us! Within these seeds lies the harvest that will flourish in the fullness of time – represented by “40 days and 40 nights.” 

Which seeds of life has God planted in your heart? By slowing down and listening to our lives, we may discover a seed that God desires to nurture. 

Will you commit to a practice during this season of Lent that will connect you to God’s nurturing love? You might be surprised at the transformation that can take place through this intention!

Choosing Your Practice

Not sure what this seed might look like? Feel stuck with identifying a realistic practice? 
We have created a tool to help you identify these seeds of life and discern one next step towards God’s nurture!


Our online self-assessment will guide you through a series of questions to help you reflect on your life with God today.


After you have completed the assessment, you’ll automatically be directed to our list of potential resources and practices curated with you in mind.


From there, you can take advantage of a resource on your own or set up a time to meet with a pastor to discuss some ideas specific to your needs and hopes. 

Follow The Way

One possible Next Step towards God’s nurturing love is by taking our new short-term course: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. Check out the description to learn if this might be the right opportunity for you! 

This course will include attending a class session each week, reading a chapter of a book in preparation, and connecting with Jesus daily through a Daily Office practice.



Zach has chosen a wonderful weekly devotional resource for children to practice with their families. He encourages you to set aside one day a week to read the scripture story, engage with the discussion questions and spiritual practice, and express a response through the art page. Children will look to God-with-us in Jesus to learn what it means to be human: “to experience comfort and pain, celebration and heartache, joy and suffering. The life of Jesus demonstrates that God knows what it is to be human and to be with us in all our experiences, especially in our suffering.” 



During our worship services, children will be surprised with new items in their worship bags in the sanctuary! If you are worshiping from home and would like these resources, email Zach to let him know.

Visit Zach’s bio to email him and let him know that you’d like a copy of the children’s Lenten Devotional.  Or, schedule a conversation with Zach via Calendly to determine a practice that fits your child’s spirituality!



Zach has assembled a list of possible practices for youth to engage in this Lent. He will be reaching out to families with teenagers to have a conversation about practices they and their families might adopt. If you are not a part of our youth program, you are invited to use the Calendly link above to schedule a conversation.  



Each Sunday, we will explore a story from scripture that highlights transformation in the fullness of time: represented by “40 days and 40 nights.” 

Worship in the sanctuary at 10:00 AM (masks recommended, not required) or via live stream.



The Fullness of Time is Realized