Sensing a desire to grow or to find more peace in your spiritual life? We’d love to walk with you as we learn from stories of scripture and followers of Jesus throughout time. Not sure where to begin? Start here.



What is this class?

Our new course, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS), has been developed over 22 years and adopted by thousands of churches across the globe; we are excited to bring it to FHUMC! Born out of pastor Pete Scazzero’s burnout and disenchantment with the status quo of Christianity, EHS aims to help disciples live a slowed-down life of being with Jesus, out of which impacts relationships and serviceThe course is informed by an interdisciplinary study of scripture, monastic spirituality, prayer, family systems, marriage theories, working with the marginalized, and neurobiology.

It is our missional hope that the community of FHUMC would be a visible witness to the Kingdom of God such that we would be missed if we disappeared from our city. The way forward toward this kind of transformed community begins with transformed individual disciples of Jesus. We believe this class will open up experiences of transformation for each participant. 

The course will promote growth in Christlikeness in ALL 7 discipleship characteristics. 

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality may be a faithful next step for you if you…

  • Want your faith to be integrated into your life daily beyond attending worship, reading a devotional, and praying once a day 
  • Feel connected to God at church but forget about God during the week 
  • Are seeking to understand practical connections between scripture and your life 
  • Have heard others’ stories of transformation but haven’t had one yourself 
  • Desire to have a personal, life-changing encounter with Jesus 
  • Seek to connect the “head” to the “heart” and practices of your faith 
  • Are tired and want to live at a slower pace that includes real rest 
  • Want to explore what lies below the surface of your heart & experience healing from your past
  • Wonder how the lives of Christians are any different than the lives of everyone else 
  • Long for healthy relationships and conflict resolution in the church and at home

This 8-week course will be offered at two times. If you would like to participate and neither time works for you, please reach out to us. Childcare may be available with enough interest. We encourage small groups to sign up together for growth and support – let Sarah know if you would like to be in a facilitated group together. 


Disciple Growth Guide

We’ve created a tool to help you self-assess where you are in your spiritual walk – both to celebrate where God’s grace has already been at work in your life, and to prayerfully reflect on an area where you’re sensing a desire to grow.

Use this tool anytime. You can revisit it later. Take some quiet time to think and pray about it. If you’d like a conversation partner, we’d be honored. Contact us here.



Would you like to do some reading on your own? Check out our suggested resources guide, which features both historical and contemporary resources. And, be sure to visit our church library, located right across from the church office (top parking lot building).