Sensing a desire to grow or to find more peace in your spiritual life? We’d love to walk with you as we learn from stories of scripture and followers of Jesus throughout time. Not sure where to begin? Start here.



Disciple Growth Guide

We’ve created a tool to help you self-assess where you are in your spiritual walk – both to celebrate where God’s grace has already been at work in your life, and to prayerfully reflect on an area where you’re sensing a desire to grow.

Use this tool anytime. You can revisit it later. Take some quiet time to think and pray about it. If you’d like a conversation partner, we’d be honored. Contact us here.


Follow the Way Courses

Offered In-Person and Online



“Exploring Friendship with Jesus”

Discipleship Characteristic: Holy Friendship
Maturity Stage: Exploring/Committing
Teacher: Sarah Wheatley
Dates: 6 Mondays from July 19th – August 23rd
Times: 6:00-7:30 PM
Format: In-person (or online with demand)

The decision to follow in the footsteps of Jesus often begins when one perceives God’s personal love for them. Some have never experienced Jesus’s invitation into a life of true friendship, while others responded to the invitation long ago and desire to reconnect with Jesus as a friend today. This course is designed to help participants explore the possibility of a friendship with Jesus. Participants will spend time with spiritual mentors from the past as they open doors to intimacy with God, journey with Jesus’ friends in stories from the New Testament, and reflect on their own memories and narratives of friendship. They will meditate on healing or strengthening their images of God, practice perceiving God’s nearness, and experience God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness for themselves.



“Finding Freedom in Christ
Through the Enneagram”

Discipleship Characteristic: Call
Maturity Stage: All Stages
Teacher: Kristin Clark-Banks
Dates: 6 Tuesdays from July 20th – August 24th
Times: 6:00-7:30 PM
Format: In-person (or online with demand)

This course will use the tool of the Enneagram to lead disciples in discovering more about who they are at the core of their personality. Discovering and exploring their Enneagram number will help disciples to know their gifts and weaknesses, their hungers and wounds, and experience freedom from patterns that trap them. By gaining new eyes to see themselves through the lens of their number, they will begin to experience greater self-awareness in each moment of the day and hear the Holy Spirit’s promptings to take a path other than their default pattern of behavior. Transformation becomes accessible as disciples can better sense their specific needs for God’s healing and engage in customized spiritual practices that will lead them to experience greater freedom in Jesus.



Would you like to do some reading on your own? Check out our suggested resources guide, which features both historical and contemporary resources. And, be sure to visit our church library, located right across from the church office (top parking lot building).