Think of it less like a final exam and more like a tool for self-assessment. There are no right or wrong answers to this quiz, and you certainly won’t be graded!


Whether you’re aware of it or not, you are on a spiritual journey. Desiring peace and fulfillment, experiencing joy and wonder, asking questions about truth and suffering, seeking belonging and a meaningful contribution in the world — these are all signs that you are a spiritual being! 






We’ve created this self-assessment tool as a way to identify where you currently are in your spiritual walk. Are you just beginning to ask big questions of your life? Are you committing to exploring your faith for the first time? Have you been steadily nurturing a relationship with God for years? Maybe you’re disenchanted with the church and wondering if there’s another way? Chances are good that you’ve even cycled through these stages a couple of times!


As a community of faith, we’d love to companion you on your spiritual journey. We aren’t as interested in following a set of beliefs as we are in following a person who revealed a different way of life. Through friendship, spiritual practices, and learning about the way of Jesus, we trust that our lives will come to look more like his: boundary-crossing pursuit of relationship, self-giving love, a powerful witness of peace, presence in the midst of suffering, and goodness that overcomes all despair. 



We hope that this assessment will help bring awareness to your spiritual journey and provide you with some recommended ways to deepen your relationship with God, wherever you find yourself. You’ll simply choose the statements that best represents your current experience, and we’ll take it from there. (And no, taking this quiz doesn’t mean you’re joining the church or subscribed to a mailing list!)


God is already at work in your life. At its heart, this quiz is about relationship, not achievement. We pray that this tool will illuminate the ways in which you are already practicing the life-giving, loving ways of Jesus and will be a source of invitation, beckoning you into a new depth of relationship with God, self, and neighbor.