About Us

Forest Hills United Methodist Church is a mid-sized, intergenerational community of faith located on the border of Williamson and Davidson county in Brentwood, Tennessee. We believe that all disciples are people on a Pathway, following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Come find out how living as a follower of Jesus can lead you to the Kingdom of God, here and now.




With God’s love and guidance, we will increase hope and healing in our communities.


Through relationships and sharing stories of faith, we hope to cultivate an awareness of God’s presence in our communities, so that we can participate in God’s mission of fully bringing about the Kingdom of God here in Nashville.


The Discipleship Pathway

Where can I find meaningful friendships? What am I meant to do in this world? How can I grow in my faith, beyond trying to read the Bible more? Where do I start if I want to get connected to a church? We’ve been there. We’re asking these questions, too. We don’t promise to have all the answers, but do we commit to walking with you on your spiritual journey. The Discipleship Pathway is designed to guide you in taking a Next Step in your faith, wherever where you’re starting. Join us as we follow Jesus towards God’s vision.

Take your first step on The Discipleship Pathway by attending this introductory session, where a pastor will give you a snapshot of what The Pathway entails and the vision Jesus’ disciples are headed towards. Exploration and questions are welcome!


Schedule a Starting Point Conversation

Get in touch with your God-given gifts and passions through the SHAPE workshop. Connecting with your true self – the God within – will empower you to live into God’s call to love and serve.


Register for a SHAPE workshop

Once you’ve identified your gifts and passions, gather with a small group of committed disciples who share your same passion for community outreach. Live your faith together through spiritual practices: reading scripture, prayer, group discernment, community service, and theological reflection.


Commit to a Small Group

Learn from disciples across time and place through classes aimed at developing you as a disciple. These short-term classes are designed to resource, reinforce, and challenge your life as a disciple and to be taken alongside your small group experience. Use the Disciple Growth Guide to identify an area of discipleship in which you’d like to grow, and see when the next course is being offered on that topic.


Choose a Short-Term Class

We created the Disciple Growth Quiz as a tool to help you identify where you currently are in your spiritual walk so that you can take a purposeful next step to explore Jesus’ way and enter into deeper relationship with God and others.


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We are a community of faith committed to worshipping God, joining in the Spirit’s work of making all things new, and modeling our relationships after Jesus’ example of love, forgiveness, and peace.



God is always with us. We commit to reminding you of God’s presence – in the joys and sufferings of life – and to increasing our awareness of God’s presence within and around us.


You were created in God’s image. We commit to helping you discover your gifts and passions so that you can fully become the person God has created you to be.


We each experience the Good News in unique ways, yet we need each other for support, accountability, prayer, and to challenge our assumptions about God. We commit to practicing our faith individually and collectively, trusting that diversity strengthens and reflects the body of Christ. 


Growth as a disciple of Jesus is lifelong and involves more questions than answers. We commit to walking with you, wherever you are in your faith.


Relationships with God, ourselves, and one another are the foundation of our life together. We commit to forming meaningful relationships within our church and communities, believing that God’s transforming love often comes to us through friendship.


The Story of scripture forms our understanding of how God works in our world. We commit to continually asking the questions, “What is God doing in the world today?” and “Where is God calling us next?” so that we can join in God’s mission of bringing about a new creation.


Church leadership is a joint effort, involving staff, ministry teams, and all Christians. Meet our staff and take a look at our leadership team structure.



The United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church is a global denomination that opens hearts, opens minds and opens doors through active engagement with our world. The mission of The United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.






Our Story

In 1891, a Sunday school was started in a county school house on Eleventh Avenue South, near Lawrence Avenue in the Waverly section of Nashville. From humble beginnings, this Sunday school would soon become Waverly Place Methodist Episcopal Church South, and would eventually relocate to Forest Hills. We believe that the church’s story is connected to God’s story, and that God will continue to guide our next steps as a community.